Alpinestars KR-1 Cell i Level 2 Back Protector Insert

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Ergonomically designed back protector, extremely lightweight and breathable. Features an articulated plate for maximum flexibility and fit to the rider’s position, and an advanced design of micro-cells for effective shock absorption and excellent ventilation.

  • Lightweight construction which is also flexible
  • CE-certified Level 2 for high performance protection
  • Energy absorbing design ready for impact

 Alpinestars Nucleon KR-1 Celli Back Protector has been constructed from a high performance polymeric material blend which is optimised for flexibility and has excellent weight saving properties. The protector is highly perforated for maximum breathability and ventilation. For rider comfort, there is soft, comfortable padding on the body side of the protector which also offers breathability.

This protector is CE-certified to Level 2 due to the high level of protection available. The design changes from the centre to the outer providing the perfect balance between energy absorption and flexibility.

Additional features include horizontal flexion grooves for an adaptive fit in different riding positions, and that the protector has been developed in three waist-to-shoulder dimensions in order to cover all body types.

Alpinestars Nucleon KR-1 Celli Back Protector is a CE Certified product which is comfortable and offers high performance for the rider.

  • Protector with a cell structure of made of a high-performance composite of polymers; provides optimum flexibility, great solidity and lightness.
  • Developed in three sizes from waist to shoulders for a better fit to each size.
  • Horizontal flexion joints in order to better adapt to the different positions of the body.
  • Padded sides for maximum comfort and breathability.
  • The design of the protector and the differentiated structure of the centre towards the outside provide a perfect balance between force dispersion and energy absorption in case of impact.
  • Compatible with 1 pc / 2 pc suits.
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