AGV K-5 Jet Helmet - Winter Test

AGV K-5 Jet Helmet - Winter Test
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The new AGV maxi-jet helmet is known as the K-5 JET. This wrap-around, beautifully streamlined helmet is perfect for both touring and urban use. Ideal for those who don’t want to lose the feeling of freedom, and still want to enjoy a high degree of safety. 

The fibreglass and carbon fibre shell as well as its compact, protective shape ensure excellent protection fulfilling the AGV Extreme Standards, while the degree of comfort provided by Dry-Comfort inner components is based on anatomical studies. An important new item is the long, wide visor with a new magnetic VMS closing system which, with its inner sun visor, ensures excellent vision under all conditions.


  • External shell in CAF (Carbon-Fiberglass) available in 2 sizes, and EPS inner lining available in 4 sizes with 4 diffe- rent densities.
  • Shell and EPS dimensions optimised using the FEM (Finite Elements Analysis) system.
  • Ventilation system: IVS consisting of 2 front air vents, and an air extractor with ON/OFF system developed in a wind tunnel to optimise and adjust ventilation.
  • Central front air vent built into the shell profile with direct high air flow channel.
  • Rear spoiler integrated into the shell profile.
  • The inner components are made of sanitised 3D Dry-Comfort material and can be fully removed and washed.
  • The wide CITY 17 is scratch-resistant and PINLOCK® ready. It covers and protects the face to below the level of the chin.
  • New magnetic closing system known as VMS (Visor Magnetic System).
  • New XQRS (Extra Quick Release System) visor mechanism for quick removal of the visor with no need for tools.
  • Integrated scratch-resistant sun visor (ISV), removable and replaceable without using tools.
  • Micro-metric, quick release fastening system.
  • Asian fit option.
  • Homologation: ECE 2205, JIS, ECE ASIA
  • Weight (ECE 2205): 1,350 g* (+/- 50 g) (tg MS)
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